Remembering Brad

My friend Brad and I were going to get together over coffee this week and attempt to brainstorm about late night programming.  Instead I’ll be attending his memorial service.

Brad Walton was a friend and fellow believer.  He also was a fine broadcaster with a particular liking to being on the air overnight.  He worked a number of years as the overnight host for KTIS-FM and the SkyLight Network.  He also did great overnight work for the legendary WCCO-AM here in the Twin Cities.  Brad was only 60 and passed away unexpectedly on August 26.  His wife Marlene and kids Sharalee and David are in our thoughts and prayers.

One thing I loved about Brad was his natural curiosity about seemingly everything!  And that curiosity is what made him a quality broadcaster, especially in a news/talk setting.  He was a fun conversationalist and great interviewer!  He always had the next question ready.
Brad enjoyed a long, close friendship with the late Bill Pearce, who hosted Nightsounds for many years.  He told me once how the two would spend hours talking about how listening habits differ between night and day – and why nighttime radio ministry is so important.  Brad served on the Nightsounds board for many years.

Brad’s enthusiasm for life was contagious – and I will miss his Facebook posts which often were about the mysteries of outer space, the universe and our Creator.
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of the passing of a friend or loved one?  Is it “did they know and love the Lord?”  Brad certainly did.  It is the thing that absolutely matters most.  And because Brad had trusted his life, his eternal being, to our Savior, he is now in the Lord’s very presence, to worship Him forever.

I can envision Brad now .  He is in exciting, new, glorious surroundings – with his questions ready!