Odd, isn’t it?

I love a good reunion.  And I especially enjoy getting together with those that I used to work with.  It may be that the same old stories are told and re-told – but it’s still that shared experience that brings us together.

Of those shared experiences, one would think that it’s only the most enjoyable moments of the workplace that are remembered.  But that often is not the case.

When I’m with former radio co-workers who I’ve not seen in some time – someone will bring up the time when the link to the tower went down and we were forced to broadcast from the transmitter building.  Or the great blizzard of ’79 when we were snowed in at the station, pulling 12 hour board shifts.  Working with ancient equipment always is in the conversation.  And yes, memorable, cranky listeners – or the shortfalls of management do come up.  (Remind me to tell you sometime about my very first  Top 40 manager.  He was unbelievable!)

Most definitely, these were not pleasant experiences at the time.  We felt frustration and even anger.  In ministry radio, financial challenges are constant and consuming.  We look back and wonder how we ever paid the bills or made payroll.  Indeed, very hard times.

But it is those difficult experiences that we now look back on fondly.  Odd, isn’t it?

Laura and I were talking about our “advancing age” the other day.  I shared with her that I’m truly  enjoying being the age I am.  It allows me to look back on over 30 years in broadcasting, mostly in Christian radio, and see how the Lord has provided and made the way straight as we’ve trusted Him.  We’ve had a wealth of life experiences – some that seemingly had no possible positive outcome.  But here we are, this many years later, and all is well.

So perhaps, as you face the obstacles of this day – this perspective will take a little of the edge off.  Years from now, what will it be that you’ll remember and share with a smile with those you are working with today?  It may not be what you think.