Creating a More Functional Workplace

Somewhere along the way, I picked up the following nine ways for management to improve the work environment’s function and help employees grow in their positions.  Author unknown.

  1. Demonstrate emotional maturity by understanding what the organization needs and do it, putting aside personal agenda and habits.
  2. Maintain a sense of continuity by connecting the past and present and giving direction to the future.
  3. Keep balance by recognizing what changes have considerable consequence versus marginal impact.
  4. Strive constantly to help motivate and enable your employee to act as an owner of responsibilities.
  5. Initiate the development of expertise.
  6. Continuously reshape your jobs and responsibilities, thus expand your job responsibilities if appropriate.
  7. Encourage challenging the system and demonstrating self-reliance.
  8. Focus attention on external issues versus internal organization.
  9. Embrace change and see it as presenting opportunities.