Sowing and Reaping

Many Christian stations include ‘evangelism’ or ‘leading people to Christ’ in their mission statement.  It doesn’t happen as often as we’d like, but when that e-mail or phone call comes and it’s a listener seeking to know more about salvation – we’d better be ready!

But before that happens, are we first being intentional about telling the good news?

I know of a daily radio broadcast that deals with many topics on the home and family – content not deeply spiritual in nature.  The program can go several days without mentioning a relationship with Christ.  But built into that ministry’s programming philosophy is that every ninth broadcast clearly communicates the message of salvation.  (sometimes more often)

This “harvest broadcast” has resulted in thousands being led to Christ.  Those who were attracted to a relevant program offering help and encouragement for their here-and-now world listened and responded to the message of Christ’s eternal salvation!

Think of the farmer and his fields.  One might think that after the seed is planted he simply spends the summer watching the crop grow, idly waiting until the fall harvest.  But that’s not the case – the work goes on non-stop in preparation until “the fields are white unto harvest.”  Equipment needs maintenance and repair, the crop itself needs to be cultivated, storage needs to be made ready, laborers need to be hired, etc…

Whether your station is a talker or a rocker, may I encourage you to seriously spend time re-visiting your own plan for effectively telling your listeners about our Savior – and then prepare for the harvest!